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Finally from us. What could be the Future of News? That might be a little bit of leap, but we came across a computer scientist who are tickering not only with how the news is presented, but how it is gathered, too. They've come up with a virtual newscast and a virtual news room. The virtual webcast we fear cannot be far behind.

"Hi, I'm Kristian Hammond, a professor of Computer Science, Northwestern University and a co-director of the intelligent information laboratory. What we're gonna show you today is somthing called News at Seven and What News at Seven really is the answer of the question of how can you put together a complete personalized, complete automatic news story based upon the resource of the web.

" ... New group limited and IBM are recalling more than half a million notebook computer batteries...."

You can go to News at Seven and actually set preferences in terms of what kinds of stories you want. The notion here is that on a regular basis, that is, daily, hourly, every half hour, we can create a brand new news stories based upon somebody's interest and deliever it to them.

"...the African Union's ...on Wednesday will extend a mandated peace keeping force..."

What we've actually done is the news, though, Then, we wanna get other people's opinion, What you are seeing here is really the depiction of the blogsphere. Thousands of people who will find one story, one blog that actually matches up to new story that were presenting today.

"Already 300,000 people have died and 2,000,000 are homeless. thanks for listening."

The system doesn't go out and find and do interviews. It doesn't go out and find new stories itself. It can only recreate and remake existing stories.

What we can give is a level of personalization that can really be dissertated by the fact the machine knows what you want, knows who you are, and it's able to do something that people do, and that is, that's what information is supposed to be, Information is supposed to be something that can be linked to your life."

We do it so much better, admit it. That does it for us, for all of us here ABC news. I'm the "Not Yet virtual Dan Harris". Thanks for taking the time. Click on us again tomorrow.

요지는 Web에 존재하는 각종 뉴스 이야기를 모아서 분석, 편집, 정리 후 가상의 앵커에 넘기고 앵커는 적절히 virtual news show 진행하도록 하는 시스템을 개발하고 있다...

text news 에게는 새로운 가능성이 보이는 casting 방식으로 보입니다. 후에 어떤 식으로 진화할 지 지켜봐야 하겠지만 Blog와 잘 결합되면 근사한 서비스가 되겠다는 생각이 듭니다.

graphical game engine 과 text-to-speech (TTS) technology 를 통해 개인화된 그리고 자동화된 뉴스쇼를 만드는 것이 가능하다는 것이고... SecondLife.com 와 함께 흥미롭게 지켜볼 만한 서비스라고 생각이 되네요...

사람들은 '뉴스'를 원하는 것인가 아니면 '뉴스쇼'를 원하는 것인가? 이미 뉴스전달과 소비의 주도권은 인터넷이 쥐고 있는 상태에서 보면 사람들이 원하는 것은 '뉴스'일 것도 같지만... 인터넷에서의 '뉴스쇼' 그것도 나만의 것이 가능하다면?

더 나아가 자신의 Blog 에 있는 이야기들을 기반으로 해서 '뉴스쇼' 를 만들어 주는 시스템으로 진화한다면... 제가 보기에는 충분히 가능하여 보입니다. Blogsphere 의 예를 보면... 앵커 말대로 과한 도약일지는...뭐 두고 보면 알겠죠..

'뉴스쇼'의 topic 하나에 대한 보다 자세한 정보를 다시 Blog 에서 video와 함께 제공하면 Blog 의 미디어로써의 Power 는 정말 강해질 것 같아 보이네요... 중요한 것은, 인터넷상의 resource 들을 어떻게 활용하여, 어떠한 서비스를 만들어 내는가 관건인 듯 합니다.

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