P2P 방식은 다운로드 시간과 자원 사용부담이 영화의 인기도에 의해 결정이 되기 때문에, 매우 親 Blockbuster 형 네트워크이다.

인기작이면 부담이 덜하지만, 비인기작의 경우는 부담이 매우 커지는... 소수에게도 같은 권리를 주지 못하는 좀 비민주적인... 그렇기 때문에 Big Media 회사들이 안달이 난 것이고, Napster 도 그러한 Big 음반제작 유통회사들을 잡아 먹은 것...

이전에야 돈을 지불하지는 않았으므로 다소 부담스럽지만 비인기작에 기꺼이 내 자원을 내줄 수 있었으나, 본격적으로 메이저의 Hit 영화, TV쇼 유통망이 되어버리면, 소외현상이 발생하지 않을까... 걱정되네... 나의 경우, 구하기 힘든 것들을 가끔 P2P에서 받곤 했었기 때문이다.

모든 영화를 올리고, 다운로드시간에 반비례해서 가격책정을 하면 될 거 같은데... 그러나 Godard 의 영화는 이런 식으로 판매하는 것보다는 Server 방식이 더 적합할 것 같다. 사실, 이것이 더 민주적인 방식일듯...

소비자가 집에서 영화를 보고 즐기는 방식에는 큰 변화가 없다. 3 ~ 100 인치 Screen 에서 나오는 영상과 사운드를 감상한다는 것... 유통의 변화일 뿐인데, 그것이 더 다양한 영화의 accessibility 를 제공하는 것이 아니라, 오히려 제한하는 것이라면, 소위 2,0 시대 문화에 역행하는 것 아닐런지...

영화 다운로드 관련 몇가지 기사를 더 소개한다.

2006.11.29 ABC World News Podcast  중에서 발췌.

We want to turn now to film and the transformation in how hollywood distributes its movies.

For years, the studios have considered DVD is the ideal way to rake in profits,and give answers to what they want, of course, but that might be changing. And today the studios are announcing huge deals to distribute their movies online.

Like Napster before, Hollywood is proving an adage : if you can't beat 'em, get 'em, to join you.  "We view that and now the studios view that is an opportunity rather than a threat."

For years, the company BitTorrent has been prosecuted and its server's shutdown worldwide by the US movie industry. Now BitTorrent is a player."We've got Warner Brothers, Paramount, Fox, MTV."

BitTorrent has company, but ... retailer Wal-Mart announces its own video download service, starting with Superman Returns. As the 16 billion dollar DVD industry has stopped growing and film piracy exploded, Hollywood execs've tried to avoid what happened to the music biz. Free music online has torn into profits.

In the last year, movie distribution has marched toward the Internet. Apple and Amazon both offer downloadable films, but it's not without problems. Last week, Microsoft launched its Xbox video service and it promptly rashed.

Lesson, Have plenty of bandwidth, or the customers might be left waiting online.

WSJ online podcast 2006/11/30 중에서

The developer of a popular online file sharing tools says it struck licensing deals with Viacom, News Corp., and other media companies.

The move will boost a number of movies and TV shows that BitTorrent can sell on its peer to peer network, including films such as X-Men, the Last Stand, and Mission Impossible 3 as well as TV shows Star Trek an South Park. The company has deals with several other companies including Time Warner.

Unlike other video on demand services which distribute movies stored on their own servers directly to computer users, BitTorrent uses peer to peer technology that has symbols of files from bits of data downloaded from other computer users across the Internet. Technology makes this distribution of large files faster and less expensive.

The company plans to debut the service next year with video, music, and software. The company is yet to disclose prices, but TV shows could be as low as a dollar, and movies will be sold for about the price of DVD.


Wal-mart unveiled the long anticipated service allowing customers to download movies. A key step in what has been an uneasy transition for studios and breaking more to retaliers.

There's a catch. The giant retailer will require customers to buy a physical DVD, before providing them with constructions on how to also download the same film, and it's not included in the prce, either.

Customers who want to download will have to pay for it in the coming month. Wal-Mart intends to unveil additional bundles of DVDs and downloading options,and also plans to introduce a download only service that doesn't require that purchase of DVD.

Separately, BitTorrent is expected today to announce its downloading service will be up and running in Feburary with the movies from 20 Century Fox, Paramount and others.

Finally Comcast is the first of the nation's cable operaters to offer cell phone service. It's been launched in Portland, Oregon and Boston. Time Warner Cable and Cox communications plan to introduce their wireless services early next year. All three companies will use the Sprint-Nextel network.

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